Marion Wood is an abstract artist working in the Camarillo area of Southern California.

I am totally enamored by the beauty of wilderness: the vastness, the tranquillity and the diversity of life. A roadless landscape where one can feel completely alone and very free. The wilderness offers us natural values where we witness the cycle of life and natural diversity There is a responsibility being placed on us on this planet, at this point in time. At a time when our modern conveniences literally change the planet, protecting our environment is the price we need to pay for our privileges.

The work focuses on the simplest elements of artistic expression. In order to capture the delicate terrains I experimented with color fields, and the use of gravity to portray the force of nature that pulls the rain to the roots within the earth.

I feel an overwhelming sense of peace when I see and experience something raw and beautiful in the wilderness and I strive to wander through these canvases with that same connection, an excitement toward life and hope for the future.